We All Need Help at Sometime…

One friend helping another

Maybe you are struggling to cope with life at present, and do not know who to turn to. One Church has many members ready and waiting to listen to you.

Do not feel worried about talking to us, because everyone has had that feeling of being lost or alone. Many of us will have been through similar or the same issues as yourself. The promising part is that Jesus has been able to build us back up and make us strong again.
Remember, we are not here to judge you, only love you. Life throws some difficult situations at us sometimes. So if you are suffering from family or marriage worries, financial problems, health issues, employment concerns, addictions or anything else, just know that there is an understanding ear and a supportive voice waiting to help.

You may feel a little daunted coming into church, but once you walk through the doors you will be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome.

After our Sunday morning service there is always a cup of tea, coffee or juice and someone who is there to talk to and pray with.

Do not suffer alone any longer, let us help you get on a victorious path, we are waiting to encourage you!